Deca-Dence episode 1 – 5 anime review Review

AuthorAugust 20, 2020

Deca-Dence is an anime of dueling aesthetics: a gritty human world akin to Attack on Titan being bossed by a society of strolling toys. Sounds bizarre? Well, that’s why I’m watching it!

Notes on Deca-Dence

Is Deca-Dence an enormous robotic anime? Not actually, however then it does have a shifting fortress that may elaborately rework into an enormous punching fist. So, on second thought, I suppose you may say it’s half means there!It’s efficient at depicting a way of scale too: the kaiju “bosses” are large lumbering beasts, as tall as skyscrapers, and as sluggish as they’re damaging. The sheer spectacle of them alone is value trying out.Deca-Dence is directed by considered one of anime’s brightest new skills, Yuzuru Tachikawa, he of Death Parade and Mob Psycho 100. I don’t actually have a way of Tachikawa’s type but in the identical means that I do of somebody like Masaaki Yuasa. He’s possibly extra competent than he’s idiosyncratic? Yet one factor’s for certain: the man directs good anime, and attracts good animators to his tasks. This isn’t any completely different: there’s numerous love being lavished upon it.Deca-Dence could possibly be described as a reverse isekai: it’s a few human “NPC” attempting to flee a faux world, versus being a few human “player” getting into into it.If it’s lacking something, it’s that the music doesn’t fairly stay as much as the humongous motion. It’s lacking a muscian as brash and as daring as Hiroyuki Sawano, however then I suppose the Attack on Titan comparisons actually can be unbearable, eh?Anime like Deca-Dence

Attack on Titan (what did I simply say about unbearable?!) as a result of, at first look, Deca-Dence is a narrative of humanity being pushed to the brink of extinction by a mysterious risk and dropping like flies. It’s not as animalistic as Attack on Titan although. While Eren is an avenger, pushed by hatred, Natsume is a smiling, enthusiastic go-getter.SSSS.Gridman as a result of, other than additionally having large enjoyable kaiju fights, it turns into a narrative about escaping a man-made/faux actuality.I appreciated Sakuga Blog’s comparability to Kaiba too. The aesthetic of Deca-Dence‘s “other” world is one of the most interesting things about it: it’s cartoonish and cute, like a world populated by youngsters’s toys, solely to sweeten what’s really a really harsh, dystopian existence. Just like Kaiba, it makes use of a “soft” aesthetic to subvert tone, leading to an much more unsettling, dehumanising really feel.Anime followers response to Deca-Dence

The viewers score of 67% on AniList and seven.08 on MyAnimeListing suggests to me a number of issues:

There was numerous buzz when episode 2 of Deca-Dence aired, as a result of it somewhat abruptly introduces the opposite world’s infantile aesthetic (and certainly, the conspiracy behind all of it). I can think about numerous anime followers felt tricked at this level, as a result of it’s now out of the blue oscillating between the worlds of Attack on Titan and Toy Story, and if there’s one factor I do know, it’s that anime followers like their anime to appear like anime! As a outcome, proper now, Deca-Dence is underrated. In a summer time season dominated by sequels that I couldn’t care much less about, Deca-Dence simply feels more energizing.

Video model of this publish!!Are you watching Deca-Dence? How do you’re feeling about it? Let me know within the feedback!

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