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Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia: 1x15

The New Humanity

Ana attacks Gorgon, using her special weapon Harpe to nullify Gorgon’s immortality. She uses up last of her strength to land a killing blow on Gorgon and bids Ritsuka and Mash farewell before disappearing with Gorgon. However, despite Gorgon’s defeat, the Grail does not appear and the Singularity does not collapse. Kingu then arrives and reveals he possesses the Grail. He also reveals he planned for Gorgon’s death from the start, since it would awaken the real Tiamat. Merlin suddenly begins to lose his strength and fade away, and tells Ritsuka to warn Gilgamesh Tiamat is an “Evil of Humanity” before disappearing as well. Ritsuka, Mash, and Ishtar return to Uruk to find the city already under attack by Tiamat’s minions, abominations that prove to be difficult to kill, even for Servants. The creatures then retreat despite having the upper hand. Gilgamesh tells his people to seek refuge at the Northern Wall, since Uruk is no longer safe. Ritsuka passes Merlin’s warning to Gilgamesh and he explains Tiamat is a Beast, a personification of a disaster meant to destroy humanity. Romani mentions the new creatures are similar to Kingu, and dubs them “Lahmu”. Upon finding out Siduri was captured by the Lahmu, Ritsuka heads to Eridu to rescue her. They rescue what few Eridu survivors they can, but Ritsuka realizes Siduri has been turned into a Lahmu. Kingu then arrives, furious at the Lahmus’ unnecessarily violent nature and attempts to exert his control. However, the Lahmu betray Kingu and attack him instead.

Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia: 1×15 “The New Humanity”
Jan. 25, 2020
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