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Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia: 1x18

Star of the Beginning, We look Up at the Sky

With Ritsuka and Mash still feeling guilty over releasing Tiamat’s true form, Gilgamesh reassures them by telling them in his prophecies, he only saw himself as the sole survivor of Uruk. However, since five hundred people are still alive, that fact proves Ritsuka and Mash made a difference and still have the power to save the Singularity. As Ritsuka and his Servants rest for the night, Kingu sneaks into Uruk, though the loss of the Grail means his body is failing. Gilgamesh approaches Kingu and gives him his own Grail, restoring Kingu’s power. Kingu is confused since they should be enemies, but Gilgamesh explains that Kingu has inherited Enkidu’s body, and he would like to be considered a friend to him. Gilgamesh then takes his leave, telling Kingu he is free to do what he wants. The next day, with only 8 hours remaining until Tiamat reaches Uruk, Gilgamesh and Romani come up with a plan to use Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Stone to destroy the black mud around Tiamat, which should interrupt her advance. Ushiwakamaru returns to try and intercept them, but Hitachibou also returns, intending to redeem both himself and Ushiwakamaru. He sacrifices himself to buy enough time for Quetzalcoatl to use her Noble Phantasm, Xiuhcoatl: Piedra Del Sol, which completely destroys Ushiwakamaru and much of the black mud. Tiamat then reveals she has the ability to fly, forcing Quetzalcoatl to sacrifice herself to use another Noble Phantasm, Xiucoatl, stylized as “Ultimo Tope Patada”. The attack fails to destroy Tiamat, but manages to damage one of her horns. As Ritsuka prepares for another attack, Gorgon suddenly appears, putting herself in Tiamat’s way.

Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia: 1×18 “Primordial Star, Gazing Towards The Sky”
Feb. 22, 2020
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