Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x16

Kigenju - Beyond The Smile

Jane arrives on top of land, unmovable. A giant Japanese mermaid named Samosan gives them a challenge. Three of them shall try to answer her riddles. Each one they get wrong, they will be sent closer to Chaos. If they cannot solve a riddle, they shall be consumed by Chaos. The Commander, Miles, and Lisa go up in that order. She asks riddles that seem easy, but turn out to be only knowledeable to those that live in Wonderland. The Commander and Miles lose and are turned to water. Lisa tries, but misses the first two. She tries to stall by laughing and smiling to Samosan for the last answer, but Kaze tells her that it’s all a lie. Lisa then challenges Samosan’s quesitons saying that there are no answers. Samosan, knowing she lost, tries to destroy the cube they inhabit. With their doom inevitable, Lisa uses her life energy to summon a Kigen Dragon that saves the sub. However, she survives, but was knocked unconscious. Ai and Yu call her attack a Kigen Summon.

Jan. 15, 2002
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