Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x17

Frog - A Tiny Big Adventure

The Frog Hermit appears in front of Cid and turns him into a frog. He then begins sinking the sub into mud where is will eventually end up in Chaos. Frog cannot talk in frog form and cannot control the ship. He must find a way to change from frog to human again. He finds Fungo and believes his instincts will notice he’s Cid, but instead he tries to eat him. Cid then is found by Yu and Chobi and is kept as a pet. Ai discovers him and flushes him down the toilet and out into the mud. Cid is sucked into another dimension with Chocobaba and Chocoimo who think he’ll turn to a prince if they kiss him. It fails, but the idea may prosper. He heads back to the ship and tries to find Lisa to kiss him. However, she attacks him with her Kigen Arts. They then believe that Cid is an enemy sent by the Earl and search for him. Miles ends up finding Cid and takes him in. But she plans to eat him in a sandwhich. Cid takes the chance to kiss her and he returns to human. He gets them out of the jam and back on their way.

Jan. 22, 2002
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