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Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x2

Demon Gun- A Man Of Black Wind

Rescuing the twins and their companion from danger, the man clad in the black cloak continues his search. The children name the mysterious traveler Kaze, in homage to the winds that accompany him on his path. Kaze’s exploits, however, do not escape the watchful gaze of the tyrannical overlord who rules these lands. The tempestuous Earl Tyrant orders the removal of these intruders from the Outside World, dispatching the lumbering Fungus, one of the Four Lords of Gaudium, to attend to this troublesome matter. Meanwhile, the twins are elsewhere, busy getting to know their new companion Lisa better. However, they’re interrupted by the appearance of the strange Chocobo they’ve dubbed Mr. Birdy. Mr. Birdy leads the travelers into a bizarre forest, where they are greeted by Chocobaba, who informs them that Mr. Birdy’s real name is Chobi. Unfortunately their pleasantries are again cut short with the arrival of Fungus and his minions, but Kaze and his Magun arrive in the knick of time to fend off these fiends.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1×2
Oct. 09, 2001
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