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Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x21

Cactus - The Sea Which Is Wandering

Jane arrives in a desert area. Ai accidentally pulls a Cactuar out of Poshipocket and they try to capture it. It proves too fast and dangerous with its needles for capture however. They chase it into the desert and find a whole mess of Cactuar. Fungo translates that their world was destroyed by an immense force and that they are stuck here. Soon, a giant tidal wave comes to destroy them all. Cid tries his machines to stop it, but it fails. Lisa uses her Kigen Summon to stop it, but it fails. Even, Kaze summons Bismark, but he cannot stop it. Eventually, the Cactuars join together to create a vortex that disperses the tidal wave. They appear unharmed and Jane heads out once again.

Feb. 19, 2002
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