Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x22

Mogli - Nostalgic Memories

Jane now arrives in a very peaceful looking town. Soon, the adults of the group, excluding Kaze, begin to revert back to their childhoods and are overcome by their memories, making them useless. Ai and Yu explore a mansion and find Moogle who is dressed just like Kaze. It turns out that Moogle and Kaze were partners in their other world called Windaria. Moogles pom pom on his head keeps him from going back to his memories and it can also fix the Magun a little bit. They find out that a giant tower that houses the soul of an evil black mage is giving off the memory waves. They plan to destroy it to move on. As the reach it, Kaze chooses to fire the Magun, but it fails to move when Ai and Yu revert back to their memories. Kaze then begins to be affected by the waves, but Moogle snaps him out of it and uses his pom pom to fix Kaze’s Magun. Kaze then summons a powered up form of Ixion called Ixion Zero that destroys the tower and everyone goes back to normal. Moogle joins the group.

Feb. 26, 2002
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