Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x24

Chaos - The Count's True Character

As expected, Kaze’s Magun fails once again and Makenshi summons two Mist Dragons to run Kaze through. However, Makenshi actually returns Kaze to the sub with everyone else and reveals that he’s really a spy working against the Earl. He also reveals that Kaze has been helping the Earl without his knowing because every shot from the Magun actually feeds Chaos. Makenshi takes his leave, refusing the offer to join the Comodeen. Pist returns to his lair, licking his wounds. Makenshi finds him and plans to silence him for good. He turns Pist into Mist and uses him to destroy his Ocean Floor Puzzle, setting Jane free from its clutches. As things begin looking up, the Earl begins to take matters into his own hands as he confronts Jane himself. He turns into a giant red monster, Chaos, and destroys Jane. The fate of everyone becomes unknown.

Mar. 12, 2002
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