Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x3

Fruit - The Town of Sweet Scent

Riding the mysterious ghost train to its next destination, Lisa and the twins find themselves in a strange new town full of lifeless, apathetic people. Noting that everything seems to be made of fruit, Ai sits down for a bite of the nearest wall, but soon finds herself hot on the trail of a thief who makes off with her backpack. The chase continues throughout the town, but the crafty thief escapes his pursuer, and the townspeople are unsympathetic to her plight. Despairing over the situation, Ai ends up meeting Fabula, who gives her the strange Poshepocket as a bit of a consolation gift. Earl Tyrant, meanwhile, is not pleased by the results of Fungus’ previous fight with the Magun-wielding Kaze, and orders another of his henchmen, Herba, to go and play with the man of the black wind. Arriving with her minions, she uses her henchman to torment the town, and brings Yu, Chobi, and Lisa into a laughing fit with her spores. However, with Kaze’s formidable arsenal and Ai’s new Poshepocket on the scene, playtime for Herba turns out to be a little more than she can handle.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1×3
Oct. 16, 2001
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