Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1x6

Kigenjutsu - The One To Defend Life

The gang arrives in a desert that spits out fire. Lisa then uses Chobi’s thirst as a way to find an oasis in the desert. However, Herba soon attacks with these bulb type monsters. Kaze shows up, but is eaten by one of them. Lisa then must use her Kigen Arts to help save the kids. She’s captured, however, and Ai and Yu try to use Poshipocket to help, but he only spits out random junk. Lisa remembers training with her mother when she was younger and uses her Kigen Arts to an extreme to save them. She accidentally reads the water spirit wrong (the alenium in it reacts) and she lights it on fire. Ai ends up drowning. Kaze uses the Magun from inside the monster and summons Bismark to destroy them all. Lisa uses her Kigen Arts to revive Ai.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited: 1×6
Nov. 06, 2001
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