Japanese Manga Publishers are targeting US Pirate Sites

AuthorAugust 17, 2020

Japanese manga publishers have at all times focused piracy web sites in Japan, however they are beginning to department out and file lawsuits in different international locations. In July, Romi Hoshino, also called Zakay Romi, was arrested within the Philippines in connection along with his position as administrator of Manga Mura, the now-defunct internet site which was the highest-profile supplier of pirated Japanese-language comics. With Manga Mura now shut down, although, manga publishers are now turning their consideration to different pirate websites primarily based within the United States.On September 4th, Japanese publishers Shueisha (writer of Weekly Shonen Jump), Kodansha (Shonen Magazine), Shogakkan (Shonen Sunday), and Kadokawa (Shonen Ace) collectively filed a lawsuit in opposition to 4 US web sites that the publishers are calling “successor sites” to Manga Mura. One website had over 97,000 volumes of widespread manga in English.Since the lawsuit was filed in New York, the entire web sites have shut themselves down, within the hope they’ll keep away from being prosecuted. Pirated manga aggregator app Manga Rock just lately shut down earlier this month, since they had been a simple goal for almost anybody who produces content material.

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