Updated Anime Links

Want to know how to watch anime online and how to watch anime free online?

It is better for you to buy the movie/series and support the companies and actor/actresses but here we have a list of other sites to watch movies and anime or hentai on.

for watch animes now that KissAnime has closed and GogoAnime is probably not far away, we have a list of where to watch anime online and watch anime sites.
We understand that some individuals have created websites that stream free movies and try to make a little bit of earnings through these movie sites.


In saying so, we do have a list of where to watch anime online for free, review and discuss old and new upcoming anime.
If you want to watch it for free, here are a few free-to-watch and safe websites (a few popup ads on some of the videos) on anime 2021.
We don’t own or share the video’s on those sites and we are only letting you know websites where you can watch best anime to watch through your helpful JustAnime network.
Just remember, if you like the anime and want to where to watch free anime, buy it and support everyone!

Here is a list where you can watch anime streaming sites:





Here is a list of normal Movie sites with some anime 2021:








We will update the list monthly, and also we will add out Anime Facebook Group and pages soon!

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